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The Context

Organisations create content in a million ways, with a million different purposes: marketing materials, PR content, user manuals, customer service FAQs, social media posts, sales proposals, etc all address a different audience and they all have their own purpose. In this context, it’s obvious that there is no “one size fits all” solution for content. As a result, everyone seems to be doing content governance in their own way. But organisations are starting to realise this approach can be counter productive. They need a solid and coherent company approach to content. And that’s exactly what content strategy provides.

The Smart Way

Smart proposes training key stakeholders in your organisation on content strategy through a series of workshops. In these sessions, attendees will

  • get familiar with the principles of content strategy
  • learn how to analyse & define the organisation’s content needs
  • analyse & define the content workflow, roles & responsibilities
  • set a content calendar for the coming months
  • define standards to make content easy to find in the future and avoid rework

Organisations who introduce these basics have seen:

  1. content getting live quicker
  2. a decrease in rework and duplication of effort
  3. savings on time and resources
  4. higher quality and more relevant content gets generated
  5. they get better at assessing what content works and what is unsuccessful

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Not all organisations can afford creating a content strategy team that spends part of their precious time on defining the company's approach to content. In occasions, you want to hit the ground running with some initial consultancy. In these cases, Smart Content will:

  1. come on site to analyse your content needs through the use of stakeholder interviews
  2. perform a content audit on the existing assets
  3. write up conclusions and recommendations

An extra pair of hands

Content Strategy work can be labour intensive, specially during auditing, performance reporting or planning of the next content production cycle. We're here to help you deal with these peak moments and allow you to focus on your job, rather than being stuck to your desk by these time consuming tasks. 

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