Running a web project

A good project management and leadership is indispensable in current web projects
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Digital projects are complex.

Digital projects, they come in all shapes and forms: 

  • Renewing your corporate website?
  • Building a campaign micro-site?
  • Bringing your web assets together through a migration?
  • Integrating various of your systems?
  • Working on a native app?

Although the context of these scenarios is very different, they have two main phases in common: planning & execution. And while opinions on this differ, we believe they’re equally important. Also, you can’t fix mistakes made in one phase in another.


You might be tired of hearing the phrase “fail to plan is planning a failure”, but that doesn’t make it less true. In digital project planning, we typically need to resolve two areas: project definition & project approach.

Project Definition

We help our clients to define their project by asking the following questions:

  • What are the objectives of our project? 
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What are the available resources?
  • What are our messages, branding; content strategy & design principles that we need to take into account?
  • What are the technical requirements will help us reach these objectives and will relate to our audience?
  • What are the content requirements?

In order to speed up project definition, Smart Content can conduct stakeholder interviews, team workshops, user research, etc. Alternatively, we can also provide training and mentoring to the product owner to lead this phase. 

Project Approach

Finding the right project approach should be decided in parallel with project definition. In a similar fashion as during definition, we provide consultancy and mentoring to help answer the following questions:

  • What’s our implementation plan?
  • What project management methodology will we use?
  • Who should be on our project team? 
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of each of the members?
  • How and how often will we measure progress of the project?

Project Execution 

With all the building blocks in place after the planning stage, it’s time to start building. But surprise surprise... projects never get executed as planned on paper. There are always unknowns appearing throughout the process. In order for your project to progress according to plan, Smart provides help in the form of:

  • Active day to day project management
  • Project consultancy
  • Vendor selection for design, development & hosting

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